We’re back 🙏🙏

What a wild evening! We are back on our floor. Strange that it feels a little like home. Ah, my old green chair. Hello friend!

Kristi’s fever is being managed and we hope to have a peaceful night. They started antibiotics and are monitoring her vitals. The prayer request we have is that they find out what caused the fever – either an infection or simply the chemo. Sepsis is a danger. We need to keep her fever below 100.5.

Thank you for everyone’s quick response to our request of prayer. We are so grateful for the hospital and staff. They are wonderful. God has allowed us to connect with some great people.

Good night! We will update with news tomorrow.

Ray Rhoton



7 thoughts on “We’re back 🙏🙏

  1. We started praying as soon as we got your post, thanks for keeping us all involved! Praying for answers ASAP! Get a good nights rest…no snoring Ray! Our girl needs her sleep! 🤗🙏

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