PET Scan All Clear

// 12.7.22 PET Scan All Clear //

We met with the oncologist today to review the PET Scan. There are no signs of cancer. We are so grateful!

I’ll go back in 6 months for the next one. In 3 months, I’ll go in for some blood work.

Thank you so much for praying me through this journey!

Kristi Rhoton

14 thoughts on “PET Scan All Clear

  1. Praise God! That is such a blessing. So thankful you are getting great reports. Definitely a Christmas Miracle.
    I love you dear friend.


    1. YEA!
      Praise God!
      So happy for you.
      God is faithful!
      God answers prayers!
      Thank you Jesus!!!!
      So happy for you.


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