//8.9.22// VNG Results //

Quick update! I had the VNG done this morning. What a crazy experience! While wearing goggles to record my eye movement, there were several tests which included following lights and different positions. Then they then filled each ear separately with cold and then hot water. When the water drained it made me sooooo dizzy it was crazy. The Dr. explained that filling the ear way with water is a way to trick the brain & get results from just the one ear and not both. Very interesting procedure, and I scored an A+ (his words)! I was so glad that Ray went with me as a driver because I was very nauseas. I was also thankful I cleared my afternoon because I came home and slept for 3 hours.

While I am thankful for perfect results, this still doesn’t give any concrete explanation for my occasional dizzy spells. The Dr. believes it is most likely some kind of virus that my body has been fighting. I haven’t had any dizziness in several weeks, so the Dr. wants to wait 10 weeks and see if they come back.

So, thanks for the extra prayers for this procedure!

Kristi Rhoton

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