We realized we left you hanging a little, especially if you aren’t on Facebook. I apologize for that, and I obviously blame Ray. 

On July 6th, my oncologist informed us that my PET scan looked great, but….. and here’s the reason that we didn’t rush to inform everyone that all was great. So, yes, my PET scan looked great, except there were a few spots that could be questionable. He wanted to cover all the bases and just have some things checked out. I went to an ENT and he looked down my throat and said “Oh my goodness, your throat is beautiful!” Thanks! I guess it’s common for the throat area to light up in a PET scan because of all the activity that goes on there. *not a scientific fact, just what I understood. I then got an ultrasound on my kidney. There was a small spot found early on during tests and we wanted to make sure it had not changed. It has not, and Dr said cysts on kidneys are very common at my age (yes, I’m getting old!). So far so good, but then we decided to go ahead and do another brain MRI just to make sure nothing had changed from my previous one. I have been dealing with what I thought was vertigo since last year. The brain MRI was last week, and the results were normal. Yay! So, I got a call last week to schedule my port removal. This makes it real for me. It means it’s really over. Of course, I have my 3-month checkup in October and then another PET scan in January. This will be my new life for several years. I feel strange that its over so quickly. I feel like there is something else I should be doing. I’m thankful that I don’t have to do radiation like so many of my friends have experienced. Since the lymphoma was all over my body, radiation cannot be used. That also means I don’t get that “extra sweep” for any lone cancer cells that may be hanging out. It also means I have a higher return percentage. So, for now I am almost done. 

I went to an otologist a few weeks ago, and it turns out I do not have vertigo. I’m always a mystery. I have a VNG procedure tomorrow.

I’ll save you a trip to google.

Videonystagmography (VNG) is used to find out if you have a disorder of the vestibular system (the balance structures in your inner ear) or in the part of the brain that controls balance.

Abnormal results may be a sign of damage to the nerve of the inner ear or other parts of the brain that control eye movements. Any disease or injury that damages the acoustic nerve can cause vertigo.

So, hopefully we can get to the bottom of my dizzy episodes. 

My port removal will be Aug 24th. I decided to skip the OR and anesthesia for a quicker office visit. He will do local anesthesia and I will stay awake. They say it is a pretty quick procedure. I am thankful for the help of my port during my chemo treatments, but I will not miss it!

I really can’t thank you all enough. It seems silly to try to put it into words. Your love and support and prayers through this year have made the difference. 

One more thing! I got my first haircut today! My first goal is a cute pixie cut, so my sweet friend Jordan trimmed my back and sides so it will grow in better! Crazy to think I already have enough for a haircut!

Kristi Rhoton


  1. Kristi, your joy just radiates from your face. You are beautiful! Thinking happy thoughts and hoping for more good news on the horizon. Sincerely, Dianne Jantzen


  2. Praise God!

    I am so thankful you are doing so much better and you are seeing daylight after all the darkness you have been in. I know God has been with you through all this and now you are on your way to better and greater things. It was a huge valley, I can’t even imagine, but with God’s healing hands upon you,rayers from so many and a loving family, God has healed you. I am so so Thankful!! I pray that you will get great results from now on and no more cancer ever again going forward.

    I miss seeing you. Hope to see you soon at Hidden Treasure!

    Thank you for the update! It blesses me to know you are feeling so much better!

    I am so sorry to hear about your dizziness and I pray you will find out the reason when you have the test done. I am thankful that the medical field has so much more offer now days and I pray that they have just what you need to get rid of your dizziness and God will give you good health and an long wonderful life.

    Sending you Love and Prayers my Friend!


  3. Reading this post filled me with joy!! What a GODLY example you & your family have been!! And your haircut is darling❤️👍


  4. Oh Kristi! I’m so glad to hear of all the good news. Just keep checking those things off! You are always in my prayers, and I hope to see you again soon. Hugs, friend! 🥰🙏


  5. I’m so happy to hear all your great test results! God has blessed you and your family . My family has admired your faith, strength and positive attitude. Goodbye port🙂


  6. You have such a wonderful attitude and you have all along. As I read what all you are doing having done to you, I think, “Oh my goodness!”
    But you just say it with a big smile. You are an inspiration!


  7. May God continue to send his love like 🌞 sunshine in His warm and gentle way, to fill each corner of your heart each moment of the day.
    Thank you Kristi for sharing your journey.


  8. You look great and we are thanking God for the encouraging update! You are a rockstar Kristi, in the best sense of the word! We love you and will continue to pray for you and your fam in the days ahead.


  9. We are SO happy for you Kristi. Praise Him from whom all Blessings flow. His healing hands have been with you along with prayers from your immediate family AND extended family too. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and pray for continued improvements for all things Kristi that need even more healing because of complications related to the cancer treatments.
    Keep the Faith Kristi.
    Our Best To You today and always.
    Bob & Barbara


  10. We could not be happier for you Kristi and your family! Thanking and praising God for the miracle that you are! Thank you for the update. Make sure you post pictures of your cute little pixie haircut! It’ll look cute on your little frame! ❤️
    Cathy & Richard


    1. Praise God! So glad to hear update and good reports. You have been such an inspiration! I’ll continue praying for your continued healing. and health. Love you


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