// 7.6.22 – Into the Unknown //

If you have small children, grandkids or just like animated movies, you have heard of Frozen and Frozen 2. I had the song, “let it go” stuck in my brain for months on end. (Great, now while writing this, the song is back in my head! Ugh! Sorry!) Anyway, Frozen 2 comes out with the hopes of a new song to take the place of the old one. While it had a lot of great music, one of my favorites is, “into the unknown”. Yes, catchy “ah-ah, oh-oh’s” theough out, but the idea of going into the unknown and it being ok is intriguing.

Side note: I am still amazed that “We don’t talk about Bruno” is the number one animated song surpassing all others!!

Going into the unknown is a reality for all of us if we take a moment and consider the truth in the words. We know there is something out there we are searching for. We understand that there is more than just the things we see in front of us. There is an inner pulling that takes us into the unknown.

Like Peter stepping out of the boat, or David stepping out in a valley in front of Goliath, or even Ruth saying that she would follow Naomi wherever she went. Scripture is full of people taking steps of faith into the unknown.

Kristi and I were reflecting on today. She said that today will change everything for us. I asked her to clarify and she said this: “No matter what the PET Scan shows, life will no longer be what it has been.” She is accurate! Nothing will be the same. Whether we get an all clear or more battles to fight, nothing will be the same after today.

Life is exactly this way for all of us. Every day, every experience, every activity, every interaction, every thought that flows through our minds changes everything. We are no longer like we were just the moment before. Every time I hug my kids goodbye, nothing will be exactly like it was the moment before. Every time I get in the car to drive, nothing is like it was before. We literally step “Into the unknown.”

This may be overwhelming for some. “I don’t want to change” or “I don’t want to step into the unknown!” These are all valid fears and thoughts. This is why it is so important to know Who you are following into the unknown. Many of us go with our gut, listen to the little voice inside, guess, or don’t even consider why. What we have experienced is this – God is so near. Jesus is so near. His Spirit surrounds us with His love and presence. He beckons us forward. He leads us to trust Him. He calls us into the unknown because He knows what we need. He calls us into the unknown because He loves us.

Today, we will get the results of Kristi’s first ever PET Scan. What will it show us? We don’t know. Here we go…into the unknown.

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Matthew 6:34

Ray Rhoton




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