Surprise!! 🎇🎆

January 12, 2022


Kristi started her first round of chemotherapy. Right in the middle of it, we had a surprise for her.

The community came together to surprise Kristi! Her response was even better than I hoped for. I am so blessed! My heart is full! My girl is happy.

At 6pm I got Kristi out of bed and said we needed to go for a ride. She was groggy and sleepy. As she moves slowly to the door, the first set of fireworks went off. She said, “what is that?” A nurse peaked out of a doorway and said, “it’s fireworks!” Kristi brightened up. Fireworks are her favorite! As we turned the corner to the main windows in between the Mercy building, our eyes fell on flashing lights from police vehicles, fire trucks, and an array of fireworks. She was not only surprised, but overwhelmed with emotion!

Watch the Facebook live here:

Seeing her journey of this past week has been somewhat devastating to watch. She has gone from active to inactive, talkative to silent. From wide eyed to asleep most of the time. But after the outpouring of love, she seemed to come alive. She smiled, cried, spoke up, and celebrated life. As we rolled back to the room, she was half way through the chemotherapy treatment. The next part seemed to fly by. She was so impacted by your love! It was the healing medicine her mind, body, and soul needed.

I can not thank you enough! It was a phenomenal night! As we reflected, she said, “I’m hungry. A burger sounds good.” I jumped on the phone and called my good friend and he brought it asap. She ate over half, which is more than she has eaten in 4 weeks!

According to the oncologist, this first treatment has the potential to “melt away” 80+% of the cancer! 🙌 This is our prayer!

For now, we sleep. Full of love.

Ray Rhoton



8 thoughts on “Surprise!! 🎇🎆

  1. It was a love filled event,you not only saw it,you could feel it.Magical! Hate the disease,not the treatment,my late husband was told this from his Dr.once when he was going through Hep C treatment for a year.At times when he would be so sick from the treatment it was hard to remember this,but one of us would remember & we would say it to the other.Just a thought.Just watched the news feed on channel 9.Just think how many more prayers will be going up for you all & family.God bless💕

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  2. Praise the Lord for the awesome turnout. I live in Georgia but was praying that it would be an awesome, encouraging time for Kristi. God is Faithful and True. I am covering Kristi in prayer.

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  3. As we encourage, love and pray for you WE are encouraged in our faith! God is doing a mighty work through you Kristi.
    Continual prayers Friend ♥️♥️♥️

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  4. It’s good to see her smile again and eating a hamburger. My prayers go out to her and the whole family. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

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