At the ER!

One the things we are to look for after chemo is a fever. Today at 5:40pm, Kristi woke from a nap and felt chilled. I immediately took her temperature and it was 100.5 – the magic number to rush to the ER. I got her dressed, into the car, and rushed back to the hospital. The Oncologist is aware. There is a wait at the ER because of all the covid and sickness.

Please pray that her fever comes down and they can find out what the infection is! It’s 102.7 now. πŸ™ We are still waiting to be admitted.

Ray Rhoton



19 thoughts on “At the ER!

  1. Praying for Kristi! Ray we have been told by several doctors to avoid the long wait & exposure to Covid just call EMSA you will not have to wait in the waiting room.


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