Warrior Queen Success

January 26, 2022 4:15PM

Warrior Queen Successful Surgery

Kristi has successfully completed her fist major battle! The repair has been made to her colon. She is in recovery and will be returning to her room as soon as she can.

Here is the deal! Your prayers are responsible for these miracles we have been requesting. God bent His ears and listened! He showed up and guided the surgeon’s hands. He gave Kristi no complications.

Can we all take a moment and THANK GOD for His mercy and grace!?!?

Requests and responses:

1. There is a possibility that the mass/tumor has attached itself to the stomach. Pray that it is not and can be lifted off easily. Doctor says this is the least of our concerns as taking a small piece of her stomach is not life threatening.

No attachment to stomach and lift off was successful!! ✅

2. There is a aortic vain that runs to the spleen. He said the spleen tends to bleed so he needs to find the vain and clamp it so there is less chance of blood loss.

All arteries were successfully clamped and no major loss of blood. ✅

3. He would like to clamp off the colon on either side of the mass. He would also like to lift it all out together. Pray that this is so.

The entire mass, along with spleen, and partial pancreas were lifted out together! ✅

4. Pray that no “bombs” go off when he opens Kristi. This is what he said. This is what I’m passing along.

No bombs!!! All was contained to the area!!!!✅

5. Pray that he can reattach the colon and she can recover 4-5 weeks and continue chemo. He would otherwise install an ostomy bag. He’d rather attach colon (us too!). The ostomy bag would be in place for the duration of the chemo.

Reattachment made successfully to healthy tissue. No ostomy bag. Chemo can continue as long as healing is accomplished in 3-4 weeks! ✅

6. She is starting bowel prep. The surgeon wants to go slow in order to prevent further damage. Pray this goes well and she can be completely cleaned out before surgery.

Completely clean colon and no leakage and complications!! ✅

Extra requests and answers:

No ICU stay ✅

No nausea during surgery ✅

No heart problems during surgery ✅

Peace for me as I waited ✅

Glory and grace of God revealed ✅

I cannot express how grateful I am to all those who stopped their routines today to lifer Kristi up! We are blessed and humbled by your generosity!!

God is good!!

Ray Rhoton




34 thoughts on “Warrior Queen Success

  1. Praise God for all these answered prayers!! Wow, I step back in awe of all that He has done! We are so happy these “issues” turned out to be non-issues!! Continued prayers and thank you for all your updates!


  2. Thank you Jesus! Kristi and all of the family have been in my prayers daily and all day today! What a relief to have that much of this behind you, Kristi! You and your family have always had a special place in my heart!


  3. Our God is an awesome God! Thank you, Jesus for answering our prayers on behalf of Kristi, and Ray! We ask now for complete healing, with no complications! And, extra strength and peace on the continued journey for them! In Jesus Name, Amen Praying from Boerne, Texas💜🙏🏻✝️


  4. Praise God for all of these answered prayers! Lord, You are Amazing! And we know that all the rest will work for His Glory Alone! Continued prayers for Kristi, Ray, Lilly and Max and extended family!


  5. So thrilled for all this good news. Evidence if the awesome God we serve .
    Ray and I send our love and prayers ongoing.


  6. All praise to God!! 🙌🏼
    So thankful all went well and prayers were answered in a big way!!
    Continued prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.


  7. Damos gracias a Dios por su misericordia e inclinar su oído a nuestras ruegos. Bendito sea el nombre del Señor. “Muchas son las angustias del justo, pero el SEÑOR lo librará de todas ellas” Salmo 34:19


  8. I am rejoicing and crying at the same time. I ask God all week and all day to make this surgery 100% successful and let His glory and peace be on all family and friends. Our God is good and Great !


  9. So happy that God has worked all these miracles for Kristi and this beautiful family. TAll of these answered prayers has been exciting to be a part of. My faith in God has grown so much watching Him at work. Yay!! All this “Good news””


  10. I am so, so thankful for this great report. I have been checking to see if there was a report pretty often.

    I will keep praying for the treatment to be successful and no complications.


  11. Praise God for the Miracles of Kristi’s surgery! Continued prayers for Kristi’s healing…and prayers of Peace for Kristi and ALL of her Loved Ones! Thank you, Ray for your faithful updates.♥️🙏♥️


  12. Praises to Him who can do immeasurably MORE than we can ask or imagine!!! Continue prayers for MORE! Love you all so much❤️


  13. Praise the Lord Kristi’s OK and that OUR joint prayers were answered and Kristi’s surgery was a HUGE success.
    He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we may ask.
    As I’ve said. Prayer changes everything and His Grace is always sufficient.


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