Happy Valentine’s Day from Kristi

//February 14, 2022 //

//Happy Valentine’s Day from Kristi//

Ray has never been one to like PDA on social media, but after the last 6 weeks we’ve had hopefully he’ll forgive me. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him live out our vows in such a special way, and it has been such a gift. Instead of flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and fancy dinners, romance has looked very different. He has slept in a chair by my bedside, held my hand during painful procedures, helped me go to the bathroom, fed me, changed me, washed and brushed my hair until it was gone, shaved my head, filed my nails, prayed over me, encouraged me, cried with me…loved me so well. Being the patient isn’t easy. Not being able to take care of myself is so frustrating. But I want to acknowledge that being the caretaker isn’t easy either. Ray has dropped everything to be by my side, and not once has he complained about it. He swears there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. I do believe holding hands in a hospital bed while doctors talk about emergency surgeries and odds of survival has had a way of deepening our love and appreciation for each other. I don’t know what the next 6 months holds, but I’m so thankful I know I won’t be alone. Jesus has promised to never leave me. I am fully depending on His strength and comfort during the coming months. I am also so grateful for the love of my life on this earth. I am so thankful he will be beside me no matter what happens. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Thank you for your sacrifice and love. I’m trying my hardest to “grow old along with you.” I’m not quite done with our adventurous life.

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. Psalm 73:26

This verse has been such a blessing to me. I have always prayed for God to “give” people strength during difficult times, but when I read this verse it hit me differently. God IS my strength! So, I have been begging for him to BE my strength during these difficult times, to show up when I am weak, and be what I need to get through.

Kristi Rhoton




17 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Kristi

  1. Such beautiful thoughts Kristi- I pray that today will be very special for you and Ray- I have loved reading how he has been by your side so faithfully through all of these hard days and how much he loves you. It is in the hard times you realize how much you mean to each other and how love Carrie’s us through with God by our side. Today is my first Valentines Day without my precious Mac. We had 53 and a half beautiful years together, not enough for me but I know he is loving his new home. I love you and your sweet family- may God continue to bring healing to your body. Love and hugs from Maddie and James’ Nana


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! Praying God renews and increases your strength (Is. 40:28-31) as He brings healing to you.


  3. What a precious post. I hate that you and Ray are going through this, so grateful your going through it with each other and both of you trust in Jesus 100%. Your willingness to share your highs and lows have been such a testimony to your faith and your love. Ray has been a true testament of the power of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.


  4. Blessings to you both ! I pray you will be able to write a book about your adventure during this time as it could help so many who have to face medical issues.


  5. Thank you Kristi,
    Your words are so encouraging to all of us. We love you and we are with you…God is with you and He is your strength when you grow weak and weary. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. You two are making our V-Day much more meaningful this year. Thank you!


  6. This is so beautiful as I read most of it through tears of joy for your your love for each other. This is such a testimony of when it gets REAL.
    Happy Valentines Day to you both❣️


  7. Kristi, oh so beautifully written by your heart!
    It made me cry.
    Ray loves you so much and it is truly evident you both love each other deeply and you both love God first.
    A true example of what love looks like between a husband and his wife.

    We love you both so much!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  8. I love you guys and your example of a Godly marriage! I believe that no matter how much you mean your vows that most people do not expect to live them out in the way you do when a spouse gets cancer. How beautiful and wonderful it is to have someone who loves you in that way and who lives out their vows every day in ways you never hoped they’d need to. It is such a blessing! Praying for you and also for Pastor Ray! It is definitely so hard on the spouse too. Love you guys! ❤️


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