//February 25, 2022// next up //

Today, Kristi is getting a CT Scan. She has to drink a bunch of contrast liquid. She wishes she could chug it down like a proper drinker, but it is not her superpower 😂.

The plan coming up is to get blood drawn on Monday the 28th and continue her chemo/immunotherapy (R-CHOP) on Tuesday March 1. This will trigger the treatments every three weeks as long as her blood count is right. After 2 more treatments she will get a PET Scan as a check up on the progress and then continue with three more rounds of treatment.

Please pray that her port placement heals and her pain goes away.

Please pray that she responds well to the treatments and her blood counts remain at good levels for continued treatment.

Please pray for complete release from anxiety. This continues to invade her mind and heart.

Please pray for opportunities to share hope and Jesus with those around us.

All done! She’s a champ!! 💪

Jesus is our hope and peace!

“Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us.” Ephesians 2:18

Ray Rhoton


11 thoughts on “NEXT UP

  1. Absolutely…Kristi is a CHAMP! Praying that her port placement heals quickly…and that there will be no more pain from it. Praying that Kristi responds well to her chemo treatments and that her blood count stays high. Praying that God will place His hand upon Kristi and calm her fears…In Jesus name, AMEN


  2. Continuing to pray for all the aspects! Remember who is in control and who loves you more than anyone can! He holds you in the palm of His hand!!!!


  3. Please you Kristi. You are a champion warrior! You are inspiring me and tons of others. Praying for you, praying you will have peace, praying your anxiety will be replaced with the perfect peace that comes from Jesus.
    We love you!
    Ross and RJ


  4. Praying for you Kristi for the port area to heal and the pain will be diminished. Also praying your blood count will stay up and all the testing will be good so you can continue your Chemo treatments. Love and hugs, Gale Moser


  5. Kristi, Louise and I are praying daily for your healing. Hang in there, girl. Always remember what Jimmy Valvano said, “never give up, don’t ever give up”. Praying for you and your family. Allen and Louise


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