The Doldrums

// April 12, 2022 // the doldrums //

We are back at at it. Kristi has her 4th immunotherapy/chemotherapy today. We are waiting to meet with our oncologist (yes, he’s mine too 😎). We are checked in and she will soon be hooked up for number 4.

Number 4 is a strange place to be. She is still in the thick of it, not just beginning, but not really at the end yet. Slightly over half way, but not too far down the other side. If we were hiking, this would be the part where we would settle into a rhythm, maybe take a break, recoup, get our minds right, or wonder if the hike was worth it. In sailors language – the doldrums.

The doldrums is a band or belt wrapping around the equator north and south a few degrees. Without getting too technical, there isn’t any wind for a ship with sails to move anywhere. Sailors and their ships have been known to stay in the doldrums for much longer than desired and many have lost their minds while hanging out and stuck in the doldrums.

Number 4 is a bit like the doldrums. We are getting used to the routine and have dropped our guard a bit while trying to continue to move forward. What we don’t want is to get so relaxed that we get stuck. We do want to get through it. Prayer, community, God, and positivity are moving us, slowly but surely through this stage.

We have several decisions to make over the next couple of weeks. We are still processing and praying over our choices. Part of us thinks that things are fine and we keep doing what we’re doing – another part is alerted to the possibility of relapse and “doldrum-like” passivity. Pray with us please.

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Last week was great! I was able to take Kristi to her happy place – yes, the beach! It was great to get away and rest. We even broke our kids out of school for the week!

As the weeks progress, please continue prayers. Not only for Kristi, but also for many friends and family that are experiencing challenges these days. I also have an appointment with our oncologist for myself. I was on a mission last year to get reset and up to date on all my checkups since having Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1991. With Kristi’s diagnosis, I got stalled a bit. Now I’m back on it. Everything should all be good, but prayers would be appreciated.


Ray Rhoton




13 thoughts on “The Doldrums

  1. I sometimes feel stuck in the doldrums. What helps me to get free is to remember that God has an incredible plan for my life. When I think about how He worked yesterday, see the ways He’s orchestrating the events of today and put my faith in the fact that tomorrow is in His hand, it puts wind in my sail to head towards my destination.
    Praying for you Kristi! I love you!


    1. Continue you the March with deliberate pace. Don’t look back. Look forward and keep your eyes on the prize Kristi. You’ve got this and the winner is YOU at the end of the hike.
      Ever in our prayers. Keep fighting the good fight.
      Bob & Barbara


  2. Thankful that you went to the beach!
    It’s one of my happy places too 🏖 Praying you all were refreshed 💜 Love and prayers for all of you 🌻Joyce


  3. Prayers for healing and prayers for comfort to all knowing God’s got this. You’ll have many more trips to your happy place.


  4. Praying for all of you. Gods grace is all over you guys. I’m so happy you had a good week at the beach. Love and hugs😘


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