6th Treatment

// May 24 2022 //

May 24 has been on our calendar and mind for months now. Although there is still a journey of healing and recovery ahead, Kristi celebrates her last chemo today. In an hour or so, we will watch as the chemicals flow through the IV into her veins to search for the last possible traces of lymphoma.

Stay tuned at 4pm as we live stream Kristi ringing the bell to mark this part of her journey.

We are so grateful for your continued prayers!

Ray Rhoton




12 thoughts on “6th Treatment

  1. Praise God for this final chemo treatment, Kristi! Praying that this treatment seeks out every last cancer cell…and praying you won’t feel so ill from it. You are truly a Warrior Queen, having fought with Dignity and Grace and Courage and FAITH! May God continue to hold you close today!


  2. Ring it!!!
    Ring it Loud!!!!
    Ring it for all the world to hear!!!!
    Ring it to the Lord’s Glory!!!!!
    Ring it to celebrate!!!!!
    Great things He has Done!


  3. Really, Really GREAT news !
    Way to go Kristi.
    You’ve got The Right Stuff and “sticktoitivity” necessary to WIN this war.
    Our 🙏 prayers continue for you today and into the days to come for your ultimate Victory. Be Blessed.
    🤗 Bob & Barbara


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